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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

UnLess i'Ve pRepAreD

Finally, I'd realized...i only have 7month to go before ....

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A lot of things to be settle... hantaran, baju, andaman, pelamin, caterer, photographer...and...so many more. omg, i've to list it all supaya tiada 1 pun terlepas pandang. so, i've choose to list all to do note here in my blog...so that...readers can warn me if i left out anytg.. can???

am i so exited? yaaa!! & at d same time so nervous. furthermore, my fiancee r not in msia rite now...so i've to depend on my self..

no worries....i have a supportive family.. below are d to do note before d wed... check out!!!

1. Home Sweet Home - to start New Life. We oredy bought our love Nest. Loc near my mother house & my office... luvly..!

2. Kursus Kahwin - not yet. Hv decided until ewan cm back 2 msia. december would be nice... adui..nk ambik hiv test kne cucuk la pulak... isk isk ~~~

3. Persiapan Majlis

*caterer - mak & abah dah awal2 uruskan.
*khemah - my parents sgguh2 nk buat kt rumah. senang katanya. so diorang dh settle kn jgk.
*kompang - not yet (ambik yg samudera punya je)
*silat - abg din uruskan...dh di bincangkan
*persembahan budak2 tadika - to be confirm with kak izan
*pelamin + andaman - booked (nikah, berinai, sanding)
*photographer - booked (session : studio, nikah, berinai, sanding, outdoor)
*videographer - not yet (any suggestion??)
*DJ - not yet (any suggestion)
*Kad Kahwin & Guest Gift - (semua akan di shoping oleh famili di Indonesia ujung tahun ni)

4. Hantaran -blom touch lagi.. hehee

ape lagi ek??

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