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Sunday, August 23, 2009

* * * In Laws in Action * * *

2nd day of Ramadhan...Sunday...i suppose 2hv an extra time 2pamper myself. But i end up with spending whole day with my future in laws family. Bcos of fiancee currently not in msia & will only be back on january which means 2month b4 the DAY...so i kind of substitute 2 handle everything which related 2my decision (bride's suit, gown, fotography package, and andaman). So that, i decide 2 brg along fiance's family 2 my Wedding Planner boutique, which located in Jln Ipoh. His family, from taiping came purposely (maybe) bcos of this. hehehehee..... Below are the photo taken in d boutique.

they r all bz choosing...

bz with d baby.. hahaha

along & angah...

Material hv been chose.. turquaz..!!
they really like it.. me?? lyn jee

designer scatch... for majlis bertandang

After decide which pattern, colour theme, and so on (its actually take few hours to let all them satisfied & i cud only stare & smile.......hipocrite?? no way) i decide to head them 2 our new house (d 1 that me & fiancee bought 2start our new life...after d marriage). This is 1st time they saw it & i cud see d expression from each faces. I know they like it so much. Below r the picture taken infront of d house (of cos still under construction & target 2finish n of this year @ early next year - jus sweet after the DAY)...

~ iRwanNadiRah Love NesT ~

Then...today i've complete d mission.. All list below hv been decided in Majlis Bertandang...:

1. Date

2. Theme

3. Busana Pengantin...(target siap in December 09)

4. Photography in Taiping.


Great Nadirah...

muaahhhh....kiss 4 myself..


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