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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Babymoon Tips

gamba dari encik Gugel.

Jom layan baca articles ni.. Best jgk baca, setidak2 nya mengujakan lg niat nk plan utk babymoon nnt. Sharing is caring kn.... sumber.

First comes the honeymoon, second comes the babymoon, and then comes the cow jumping over the moon. hahakhak..betul ke ek?? Couples preparing for the arrival of a baby are whisking off to babymoon destinations more than ever before. The anticipation that comes with expecting a baby can be exhausting. Taking a well deserved break will provide a relaxing getaway with your spouse. Traveling before the arrival of your baby will be a trip that will certainly be remembered. Babymoon travelers are focusing on these considerations prior to embarking on their destination.

*Perfect planning

A babymoon requires extra thought and planning. Most women find the second trimester to be the best time to travel. haa...maknanya Nad dh sesuai pg bbymoon kan? Identify your airline carrier's policy before booking travel. According to Mayo Clinic, travel is not advised after 36 weeks of pregnancy. Checking in with your physician will help to answer any questions. Whether you are traveling by plane or car, you will probably put a lot of thought into your babymoon plans. Once you have medical clearance then you can begin planning your trip. Decide on whether your travel will be a weekend getaway or a full vacation. Think ahead and determine what fits into your needs, budget and lifestyle. This will send you away on the most unforgettable babymoon.

*Delightful destinations

The destination choices are endless. Your interests, locale and overall pregnancy health will dictate the destination that is chosen. Couples that take advantage of babymoon travel are reaching out to do vacations that will be more challenging with a baby. Enjoy that castle in Scotland, Hawaiian luau, or Red Door Spa getaway now. If a hectic pregnancy pace has filled the schedule then consider bed and breakfast, spa, cruise, or beach options to provide relaxation. If your energy still abounds then exploration may be what you are after. xyah la jauh2...dlm msia ni pon dh byk choice. Nad nk cari pulau & tepi pantai yg cntik2. hehe

*Passionate packing

Self pampering is most assuredly in order when expecting a baby. Taking time for a few indulgences is healthy. This will increase coping skills and will encourage a restful pregnancy. Packing with that in mind will allow for those soft slippers, favorite lotion, scented powders, candles, and comfortable clothing. Pack an emergency snack kit by filling it with dried fruits, nuts, whole grain crackers and other favorites. Having a few quick snacks will be essential for all babymoon travelers. Jgn lupe kad kesihatan tu, utk kes2 kecemasan. hehe...

*Tantalizing travel

Getting to your destination will involve replenishing fluids, frequent bathroom breaks, moving around to increase circulation, and rest breaks. Long dinners, sleeping in, uninterrupted reading and relaxed conversation are luxuries of a babymoon. Oohh..ini laa sebab utama Nad nak sgt arrange kn babymoon ni. Traveling will take on a different focus once baby arrives. Agree!!

*Magnificent memories

Taking pictures, keeping a journal, writing postcards, and video taping your vacation captures the memories of your baby moon. Enjoy capturing those memories that you will cherish. As your baby grows, the pictures will be brought out time and again to share together.

Setting up a nursery, planning a layette, reading baby books galore and maintaining routines can leave you feeling exhausted. Spending time for a well needed break will be a gift for you and your spouse that is not forgotten. It is a sweet diversion that will bring you back feeling refreshed and renewed as a couple. Agree juge!!!

Seronok kan kalo bole arrange perfect babymoon dlm mas terdekat ni. Kne amek cuti jgk, sbb every weekend ada je agenda lain. Balik kg hubby laa....main bowling with my siblings laa...letih laa.... hehehee... Yg pasti nya, Nad ttp nk merengek kt Hubby pasal Babymoon vacation ni. Tp, xde idea la plak nk pg mn? Erm, kawan2 ada idea @ nk recommend tmpt best2 x? utk percutian 3hari 2mlm pon ok jgk.

Ape lg???? Jom selongkar internet...cari perfect place sebelum pembentangan IDEA kt En Hubby nnt. hehee

Dapat baring mcm ni tepi pantai pon best jgk kn.


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